E Cell / SSIP Cell

About VGEC E-cell
  • Vishwakarma E-cell is a start-up Co-working Center and Entrepreneurship development Center as part of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Ahmedabad. The vision of the E-cell is to disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial practice and theory through lectures, seminar activities and workshops, to seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting e-cell to global network of entrepreneurs and to provide Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs.
  • The key motto of E-cell is to develop Entrepreneurial environment at the institute with easily accessible resources.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various workshops and seminar organized under e-Cell at premier institutes like Entrepreneurship Development of India (EDI), IIT Gandhinagar. It also provides internship to students. Faculty members and students form a team and coordinate various activities under E-cell. Various leadership talks by eminent experts in association with MHRD are coordinated and attended by students and faculty in large numbers.
  • Conclaves, conferences and industry experts/mentors meet are arranged under E-cell with a view to linking industries and government bodies. Students get opportunity to interact with the mentors, entrepreneurs and market leaders through such activities. Social events are also an integral part of e-Cell where students explore rich and varied culture of our country. Students and faculty working under e-cell also participate in different competitions.
About Student Start Up and Innovation Policy (SSIP)
  • VGEC SSIP cell supports student Innovation and Startup through funding, mentor ship, co-working space, patent filing and legal assistance. VGEC had received funding of INR 1.2 crore from Education Department, Government of Gujarat under SSIP Policy.
VGEC SSIP Cell has the following goals:
  • To disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial practice and theory through lectures, seminar Activities and workshops.
  • To collaborate with similar bodies in other Business schools, training institutes & technology institutes to accomplish the objectives.
  • To seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting e- cell to global network of entrepreneurs.
  • To create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.
  • Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs
  • Starting Innovation incubation center
  • Starting Campus Companies
Sr. No. Project Title Department Budget Project Year Photo More
1 Flexible Water Storage Pot Chemical Engineering 35000 2017-18
2 Hydro Jet Ejector system for cooling using water-alcohol emulation Chemical Engineering 70000 2017-18
3 Food grade water based emulsion of cumin oil Chemical Engineering 25000 2017-18
4 Separation of Carbon Dioxide from flue gases using Ionic Liquids Chemical Engineering 45000 2017-18
5 Portable Biogas Plant Chemical Engineering 65000 2017-18
6 zeolite membrane filter for oxygen reach air Chemical Engineering 65000 2017-18
7 Hydro-Dynamic Design of Storm Water Drainage Inlet to Enhance Intake Efficiency Civil Engineering 35000 2017-18
8 Design of automated Solar Distillation Unit as a temperature regulator for green house system Civil Engineering 50000 2017-18
9 Improving Strength of Porous Concrete Pavement Civil Engineering 26500 2017-18
10 Modification of properties of geo-polymer concrete at ambient temperature using RHA. Civil Engineering 25000 2017-18
11 Design and Modelling of Foldable Vault Civil Engineering 99345 2017-18
12 Automatic Slab Filling Machine Civil Engineering 54000 2017-18
13 localized information broadcasting. Computer Engineering 3637 2017-18
14 Smart Travelio Computer Engineering 3599 2017-18
15 Coastline Surveillance Computer Engineering 0 2017-18
16 Anti-Kidnapping System using IOT Computer Engineering 4793 2017-18
17 Vision Compass Computer Engineering 0 2017-18
18 Real time bus prediction system in city transport Computer Engineering 39580 2017-18
19 GPS/NavIC receiver based pollution parameters monitoring system Electronics & Communication 20000 2017-18
20 Drone based Imaging System for Waste Assessment Electronics & Communication 37000 2017-18
21 Automatic Garbage Detection and Collection Electronics & Communication 30000 2017-18
22 Home appliance control using IOT and artificial intelligence Electrical Engineering 60000 2017-18
23 Economical Multi stage HVDC Generator Electrical Engineering 31000 2017-18
24 IOT based Process Control Instrumentation & Control 20000 2017-18
25 Multipurpose Instrument to measure solid liquid interaction (Wettability measurement and its applications) Instrumentation & Control 20000 2017-18
26 IOT based hydroponic approach for soilless farming Instrumentation & Control 25000
27 Smart Parking Solution Instrumentation & Control 55000 2017-18
28 Portable non contact type temp. measurment instrumentThermal Imager Instrumentation & Control 16000 2017-18
29 Design and Fabrication of Folding Bicycle Mechanical Engineering 9000 2017-18
30 Recovery of liquid nitrogen in process industries using pulse tube cryocooler Mechanical Engineering 70000 2017-18
31 GPS/NavIC Receiver based accidental prevention Speed Control System Electronics & Communication 15000 2017-18
32 Automatic Dish Washer Power Electronics 70000 2017-18
33 Seven Level Inverter with five switch topology Power Electronics 50000 2017-18
34 Clossed Loop Control of Multiphase buck Converter. Power Electronics 30000 2017-18
35 Power Charger for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 50000 2017-18
36 Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 25000 2017-18
37 Motor Management System for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics 50000 2017-18