Project Description
Project Title Hydro Jet ejector for cooling using water alcohol emulsion
Department Chemical Engineering
Year 03-12-2019
Faculty Name Dr. D. D. Mandaliya
Status Filed
Abstract Water is pumped from the reservoir and sent to the ejector inlet. After passing through the converging section the velocity increases which results in reduction in pressure at the throat. Both the tanks are having water alcohol mixture in specific proportion. The pressure in the throat is lower than the vapor pressure of water alcohol mixture in the inside tank. Due to pressure difference created evaporation of mixture occurs. For evaporation latent heat of evaporation is required which is taken from the liquid itself resulting in cooling of the mixture in the inside tank. An axial fan is provided for circulating the air. The evaporated mixture mixes with the motive fluid (water) and passes through the diverging section of the ejector where pressure is decreased. The outlet pressure of ejector is relatively lower than that of inlet pressure of ejector.