Project Description
Project Title Synthesis of Pd deposited Micro Mesophorous Iron Oxide (MMIO) for Aniline Production
Department Chemical Engineering
Year 01-02-2018
Faculty Name Dr. N. M. Patel
Status Published
Abstract Aniline is widely used as an intermediate in Dye, Pharmaceutical and many other Industries. So we decided to do a project on the Production of Aniline. For that we studied various Aniline Synthesis methods in detail such as Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene using catalyst (such as Fe+HCL, Sn+HCL, Pt-Pd etc.). By the detail study of these processes we face a problem of disposal of iron sludge with the use of Fe+HCL as catalyst, and if we use Pt-Pd as catalyst for the production of Aniline we face a problem of production cost because Pt is highly expensive metal, and if we use Sn+HCL as catalyst we face hygiene problem. We developed new catalyst which is the derivative of Fe because Fe is available at law cost compare to Pt. So we made a catalyst MMIO which is the alternative of iron oxide, and for increasing its activity Pd nanoparticles are deposited on MMIO catalyst. So finally we produced Pd deposited MMIO for Aniline Production.