Project Description
Project Title Flexible Water Storage Pot
Department Chemical Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 35000
Students Divya .R. Behl, Priyam .P. Acharya, Samixa. S. Jha,, Blesswell S. Lal, Dhaval Chauhan, Mukul Lalwani, Aamir Patel
Mentor Prof. Bina Seth
Abstract The canvas cloth has the same properties as that of the earthen pots, that is it can naturally cool the water as the pots do and also the cloth can be easily washed as is cheap. Thus a water container is proposed to be made of the canvas cloth with copper and silver wire frame that can hold the container into its shape and also improves the quality of the water. Earthen pots are used as the prime utility that is used as water container in our country, be it in urban areas or the rural area. The pots have a significant quality of naturally cooling down water thus proves to be helpful during summer season. The pots being static cannot be used as portable container, so a new container is to be designed which gives same results as that of pot and is portable.