Project Description
Project Title Design and Modelling of Foldable Vault
Department Civil Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 99345
Students Bhadka Prabhat, Suthar nisarg, Naman Bhavsar, jenis shah
Mentor Prof. M. V. Chauhan
Abstract The research work is basically related to an interesting real life problem whose prime requirement is to cover large area by a foldable space structure system supported only on the periphery. The present study is planned to propose a foldable space frame configuration which will give a most economical, practically viable and structurally sound solution for spans 10m to 35m. Based on the previous work, geometric and generation design for compatible foldable structures with scissor-like elements are proposed.The methods are used to divide the sum of internal angles and radius of curvature; corresponding geometries are then created and compared.To provide changeability for geometry of the structure, a special mid-connection (pivot) is proposed and a prototype model is constructed to demonstrate the efficiency.The analysis and design carried out using STAAD.Pro software.