Project Description
Project Title Home appliance control using IOT and artificial intelligence
Department Electrical Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 60000
Students Hardik Shukla, Nitesh Suthar, Meet Patel
Mentor Prof.D. J. Vaghela
Abstract Basic features of our products are listed below Control of home appliances like light, fan, TV, Air conditioner using mobile. All devices are connected to each other via Wifi. Control can be achieved from whole world through mobile application and website if connected device having internet access. Person can monitor home appliance's status in real time over mobile application and website. Person is able to turn on and off devices like night lamp etc. on the basis of scheduling. Scheduling works on time that can be changed by android application. Now, when a person not having internet connection in its area. We have decided to implement GSM based version of our product that can also control by android application. We are also working on Ambience light control according to person's presence in the room. If there is no movement in the room our device automatically turns off lights. And when someone enters in room, their presence is detected by motion sensors and light will turn on.