Project Description
Project Title Economical Multi stage HVDC Generator
Department Electrical Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 31000
Students Dhruvin Timbadiya, Nikhil Umrejiya, Jenish Thummar, Brijesh Vaghasiya
Mentor Prof. B. M. Bambhaniya
Abstract As we know, in today's modern era, there are various types of techniques are used for generation of high voltage . However, most of these techniques use transformer for boosting voltage. but if we think on different approach then high voltage spark can be also produced by implementing Cockcroft Walton Multiplier circuit and Boost converter circuit.This project is designed to develop high voltage DC around 2 kV from 12 V Battery using the capacitor and diodes in ladder network based on Cockcroft Walton multiplier circuit and Boost converter. This multiplier circuit is used to develop high voltage DC where the low current is Required. The design of the circuit involve boost converter, MOSFET based inverter and Cockcroft Walton multiplier circuit that doubling the voltage at each stage.