Project Description
Project Title Multipurpose Instrument to measure solid liquid interaction (Wettability measurement and its applications)
Department Instrumentation & Control
Year 2017-18
Budget 20000
Mentor Prof.M. T. Thakker
Abstract The wettability of a solid surface by a liquid is very important in many industrial processes such as in paint, pigment dispersion, ink, waterproofing of concrete, fabrics, pharmaceuticals, food industries etc. Wettability is an important criterion for measurement of the surface property of a powder, which influences processes like granulation, consolidation, disintegration, dispersion, dissolution etc. The science of surface wetting requires the contact angle as primary data which indicate the degree of wetting. However, measurement of contact angle is very difficult and costly. In this project we are using modified washburn method to measure wettability, which is relatively cheaper.The Washburn method involves wettability determination using liquid penetration into a powder bed as a function of time.Wettability measurement using the Washburn method is very simple, user-friendly and cost-effective. This instrument is a cost-effective solution for wettability measurement which can be used for materials in food processing, pharmaceuticals, horticulture, textile manufacturing, civil engineering etc. The instrument will help many small scale industries or research labs who cannot afford an expensive instrument for wettability studies.