Project Description
Project Title Smart Parking Solution
Department Instrumentation & Control
Year 2017-18
Budget 55000
Mentor Prof.M. T. Thakker
Abstract With the increase in vehicle production and world population, more and more parking spaces and facilities are required. In this project a new parking system called Smart Parking Solutions (SPS) is proposed to assist drivers to find vacant spaces in a car parking in a shorter time. Smart parking can be define as a vehicle parking system that helps drivers to find a vacant spot. Using sensors or sensor less system in each parking space/lot that detect the presence or absence of a vehicle, signs direct incoming drivers to available locations. This can be done by web based application. The new system uses IR sensors and Image Processing to detect either car park occupancy. If only number of available spot is matter than android based smart ticketing, Up-down Counter using ir sensor and RFID based fully automated system is proposed. Features of SPS include vacant parking space detection, display of available parking spaces and directional indicators toward vacant parking spaces, payment facilities Automated parking management system can't be provide with only one approach or one method because any one method can't be ideal for all parking type or parking lot. So for flexibility of smart parking which can be cover all type of current parking lot, need to introduce different approach for different type of parking lot. Here is list of different approach for smart parking.