Project Description
Project Title Food grade water based emulsion of cumin oil
Department Chemical Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 25000
Students Padmashali Karishmaben P., Karena Mital Savdasbhai, Shah Chetankumar Manharlal
Mentor Prof. D. R. GANDHI
Abstract Nowadays Highly amount of cumin is used in food industry. So we want to reduce the quantity of cumin in food industry and locale uses. That's way we are work on this project and make a food grade emulsion of cumin oil. If this type of emulsion is form then this is direct use in food industry instead of cumin. We can make a cumin oil emulsion by using a different emulsifiers and check its stability. We cannot use dry gum method because this method is also adopted. So we use another method for emulsion of cumin oil.