Project Description
Project Title Automatic Dish Washer
Department Power Electronics
Year 2017-18
Budget 70000
Students JOBANPUTRA URVI, Vikaskumar Prasad, Utsav Patel, Mohammadaamir Siyamwala
Mentor Prof. Dhruv V. Garasiya
Abstract Very few people working on the similar project. Due to modernization and because of daily fast life this proposed project will be very famous in the country. Proposed project will be suitable with Indian food habit so people will attract. This project will be most suitable with Indian culture but at the same time this can be suitable for world wide.This application is already implemented by some country but the way of proposed project for application is very unique and this will be differing from international product. Every country has different culture and food habits so the aim of proposed project is to make such product which can be use worldwide.