Project Description
Project Title Seven Level Inverter with five switch topology
Department Power Electronics
Year 2017-18
Budget 50000
Students Samiksha singh, More kirti, Sahani Priyanka, Ashima Mansuri
Mentor V.G.Patel
Abstract An inverter is the converter which converts DC power available from renewable resources to the AC power very effectively. We know that the multilevel inverters hold attractive features, but more switches in the conventional configuration poses a limitation to its wide range application. Flying capacitor multilevel inverter contains the number of capacitors higher manner in this case the controlling of charging and discharging methods are very difficult and the diode clamped multilevel inverters contains extra switches like as diodes. Therefore, a renewed 7-level multilevel inverter with five switch topology is introduced incorporating the least number of switches and gate trigger circuitry, thereby ensuring the minimum switching losses, reducing size and installation cost.