Project Description
Project Title Separation of Carbon Dioxide from flue gases using Ionic Liquids
Department Chemical Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 45000
Students Shah Parth, Kapasi Akbar, Chavda Ekta
Mentor Prof. D. D. Mandaliya
Abstract In the past decades, numerous strategies have been proposed for chemical absorption of CO2, although significant advances have been developed, there are still inherent drawbacks such as extensive energy consumption for CO2 desorption, low capture efficiency and slow sorption kinetics, in particular, extensive energy input in desorption process would be a crucial barrier to realize practical CCS. Hence, reducing the energy requirement is an essential prerequisite for a breakthrough in absorption techniques. Now researchers are proposing new concept of CCU, means Carbon Capture and Utilization. In particular, ILs have attracted significant attention in the field of gas separation from the scientific community because of that distinctive properties such as high thermal stability negligible vapour pressure high loading capacity easy recyclability and diversiform structure, environmentally friendly ILs have been widely used as green catalysts/ solvents in a wide range of chemical reactions, those are capable of reversibly capturing CO2 with a high capacity and absorption rate. The negligibility volatility of ILs results in a non-contaminated targeted gas, making them especially attractive for the absorption of gases. But still its cost and some other reasons it is not applicable at industrial level. At initial stage we are going to test different ionic liquid for our purpose