Project Description
Project Title Design of automated Solar Distillation Unit as a temperature regulator for green house system
Department Civil Engineering
Year 2017-18
Budget 50000
Students Akshat mistry, dhara sharama, krishna Panchal, niyati shah, janhvi shah
Mentor Prof. D.R.Rawat
Abstract In arid and semi-arid regions,scarcity of water prevails for domestic and irrigation purposes.Generally greenhouses are used to provide a controlled environment for cultivation of crops.This allows the farmer to obtain maximum yeild with minimum water.However greenhouse works on the principle of capturing solar radiations which is used in the winter to maintain the required temperature.However,during summer inside temperature increases then required which damages the crops and in some cases it leads to crop failure.We are providing solution of this problem by integrating solar still and greenhouse.The solar still act as a radiation filter using extra solar energy for the distillation process.This design provides favourable conditions . for the growth of crops all around year by controlling temperature as well as provides us with distilled water.