An Expert Lecture on - Opportunities in Lean Startup and Minimum Viable White Cement based Value-Added Product

21 June, 2021

    The Civil Engineering Department, under IIC and in association with SSIP, organized an online expert lecture on "Opportunities in Lean Startup and Minimum Viable White Cement Based Value-Added Product" on 21st June 2021, from 10.30 to 11:30 A.M. The expert talk was delivered by Mr. Pavan Sethi (BE, DMM, DFM, MBA) who is the Zonal Head, JK White Cement, Mumbai and by Mr. Ankit Sharma from JK White Cement, Mumbai. Prof. Bhagyesh C. Contractor and Prof Mukesh V. Chauhan coordinated the event successfully. The expert lecture was attended by 181 enthusiastic participants.

    The Expert lecture was aimed to provide basic knowledge of white cement based value-added products. It also focused on awareness about the opportunities for lean startup and minimum viable products in the field of the White Cement industry.

    The expert Mr. Pavan Sethi discussed various white cement-based products like JK white cement, wall cement putty, white cement-based primer, tile adhesives & epoxy grouts, cement-based repair-max, wood finishes etc. During the lecture, product manufacturing process along with its advantages and disadvantages, technical properties, products application, current market trends and requirement of the products, future scope for products were also discussed with much elaboration.The expert also urged the students to understand various opportunities available in this domain for early startups and the viability of these products in the market.