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Applied Mechanics Department

Programme Applied Mechanics
Department Co-ordinator Prof. Ketan L. Timani
Level UG
Prof. Ketan L. Timani
Associate Professor
Prof. Chirag N. Patel
Assistant Professor
Prof. Yamini J. Patel
Assistant Professor
Prof. Mukesh V. Chauhan
Assistant Professor
Prof. Bhavin G. Buddhdev
Assistant Professor
Prof. Pooja B. Mistry
Assistant Professor
M. Tech (Structural Engineering)
Mechanics of Solids

The objective of this laboratory is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of engineering mechanics and strength of materials to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this lab various experiments are performed based on basic engineering to verify the laws of engineering mechanics and measure the material properties such as tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength, hardness, shear strength etc.

Concrete Technology Lab

The laboratory allows the students to perform tests on the concrete making materials and also to assess the properties of various materials as well as fresh and hardened concrete that may affect the performance of concrete structures. The apparatus and equipments available at the concrete technology laboratory is Compressive testing machine, Apparatus for workability measurement, Concrete mixer, Sieve Shaker, Apparatus required for physical testing of cement like vicat apparatus, Le chateliar apparatus etc. Apparatus for self compacting concrete testing is also available in this laboratory.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is an integral part of basic Geotechnics, soil mechanics and foundation engineering. In this laboratory facilities are available to identify the soil type as well as various index properties of particular soil. Students are allowed to perform various experiments in the subject of Geotechnics and soil mechanics. Equipments are also available in the laboratory to perform the field test in the subject of foundation engineering.

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