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National Service Scheme Unit of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College was established on 4th August, 2014 by a team of change makers from VGEC aimed at nation development with support of Prof. Alpesh Dafda as Program Coordinator.

In the duration of 5 years, NSS VGEC has proclaimed numerous achievements for its active role in various activities for the betterment of the society, state and ultimately our nation as a whole. Not just as a standalone unit but also by collaborating with other such units, by collaborating with certain NGOs as per the events, NSS VGEC has set up a benchmark for various units and organizations.

Earlier the volunteer enrolling capacity of the unit was of 50 students but seeing the efforts and activities, the capacity was been increased to 100 students from the very next year.

Many students of the unit have at various stages been appropriately rewarded by various state and national government authorities.

NSS VGEC has been able to work utterly hard in multiple dimensions because of the clarity of vision in the minds of leaders and young volunteers. What guides NSS VGEC towards constant betterment are the following motives:

To contribute towards a society that supports individuality while preserving the community spirit and is well developed in all aspects for the wellbeing of current as well as future generations.

Focus on development of individuals, not only volunteers, but all students so that they become the beacons for formation of a better and developed nation as citizens of tomorrow.

To work towards the preservation and promotion of the culture and tradition at various level i.e. at regional, state as well as national level.

Following are the successful major endeavours undertaken by NSS VGEC:

Blood Donation Camp... 10 organised till date...2000 units of blood collected

Thalessemia Testing...5 done till date....around 4000 students tested

Maanjha: Collection of waste thread after Kite flying festival ...50 kg collected

Joy of Giving: Donation of unused items....5000+ things collected and donated

This Summer for birds: Water pots and nests for birds....

Shramdaan Camp- Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

Organ Donation Awareness (450+ audience)

Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Donation Awareness....45 registered

Celebrating International Yoga Day: 5 rd consecutive year this time....2500 attended.

Tree plantation: More than 500 planted and adopted trees

Organising debates, elocution, poetry competition, extempore and related student skill development activities.

Celebration of National festivals with themes to invoke and boost patriotism in youth

Considering the day of voting as the biggest festival of democratic nation, we encourage students to vote by spreading awareness and participating in Voter’s Day.

Nature Awareness Camps to invoke love of nature for young minds.

Digital Literacy Campaign, Digital Banking and Less-cash India

Women Empowerment related seminars and on field work

Working methodology: Student teams divide themselves according to their subject of interest and do research wherever needed before carrying out the event or seminar and this had led to proper analysis of the need of the audience.