Sr. No. Patent Title Department Patent Year Status More
1 A method of bonding diamond crystals Chemical Engineering 18/07/2019 Filed View
2 Hydro Jet ejector for cooling using water alcohol emulsion Chemical Engineering 03-12-2019 Filed View
3 Flexible Canvas Water Storage Pot Chemical Engineering 10-11-2018 Filed View
4 Synthesis of Pd deposited Micro Mesophorous Iron Oxide (MMIO) for Aniline Production Chemical Engineering 01-02-2018 Published View
5 Split air cooler using evaporative cooling of water Chemical Engineering 01-01-2018 Published View
6 Robot Based Railway Track Cleaning System Electrical Engineering 2/3/2019 Published View
7 Automated Fare Collection System Using GPS and QR code Computer Engineering 23/1/2018 Published View
8 Leap Motion Based Gesture Recognized Vocal System Electronics & Communication 29/12/2017 Published View
9 Prediction of california bearing ratio value from dymamic cone penetrometer test Civil Engineering 26/12/2017 Filed View
10 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) For Surveillance, Path and Object Tracking Information Technology 31/01/2018 Published View