A Webinar on “Water Ionizer - Big Future for Drinking Water”

27 August, 2021

    To aware the participants of recent treatment process available in the market called KANGEN Water – Japanese technology to treat water, the Civil Engineering Department & KANGEN Water jointly organized a webinar on “Water Ionizer - Big Future for Drinking Water”, on 27th August 2021.


  • Experts:

          (1) Mr. Ravi Patoliya, MBA Rotary International Member, Entrepreneur

(2) Mr. Madhav Jani, Mentor, PKC Group, Surat & IT professional

Participants : 119

Discussion Points:

  • What is water ionizer
  • How water ionizer works
  • Benefits of ionized water, Ionizer v/s RO purifier
  • Big future in the drinking water industry
  • Alkalization, the importance of pH of the water and alkaline water
  • Appropriate TDS of drinking water
  • Health related benefits of KANGEN water
  • Comparison between RO technique and ionization technique to purify water


A Quote from the Event:

           “Change your water, change your life.” – Mr Ravi Patoliya