An e-National Level Awareness Program to Promote Various GoI Schemes for Funding under MSME

26 November, 2021

The IC Department organized an “e-National Level Awareness Program to Promote Various GoI Schemes for Funding under MSME” - for the students of all semesters. The motive of this webinar was to provide knowledge on different schemes of PMEGP (Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme), to approach different schemes for technical & commercialization support and about how to formulate a project report stepwise for approval of a project.


  • Experts Speaker: Mr. T. K. Solanki, Assistant Director/Sr. Statistical Officer Govt. of India, M/o, MSME, MSME-Development Institute, Ahmadabad.
  • Keynote speaker: Mr. K. H. Shah, Joint Director, Govt. of India, M/o, MSME,  MSME-Development Institute, Ahmedabad.
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams
  • Participants : 80
  • Coordinator: Prof. Swapna N. Shah

Discussion Points:

  • Motivational videos for becoming an entrepreneur
  • A stepwise and systematic procedure for an entrepreneur to follow to successfully get approval of his/her project venture
  • How to prepare necessary credential documents and forms, followed by procurement details, technology to be used, machine details, product marketing related surveys, list of competitors, product demand, authorized dealers, target to capture market, infrastructure facilities like power, transportation, availability of raw material, availability of skilled and unskilled manpower etc.
  • How to submit process flow chart, installed capacity, market trend, and discount on product for better prospectus of loan approval to government agencies as well as banks